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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Meet the Techinin Infinit Sphere (TIS)

TIS was designed to optimize human-machine interaction in a comprehensive and adaptable way. Based on the concept of shared knowledge, it utilizes enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analysis, and Machine Learning (ML) to offer robust and adaptable solutions. TIS demonstrates our full commitment to evolving towards Industry 5.0.
TIS ensures intuitive, predictive, and efficient interfaces that enhance efficiency, offer continuous empowerment, and reduce unplanned interruptions. It provides great adaptability and modularity in execution and implementation. It is the central core of High-Performance Human-Machine Interfaces (Synth Humanix HMI) and Techinin Artificial Intelligence (TAI).

About Techinin’s point of view, we, human beings, should no longer need to adapt to machines. Instead, they should adapt to us.

Results of TIS in industrial lines

Enhanced Safety: Through the update and enhancement of safety features, such as more accurate alarm systems, monitoring of critical conditions, and more intuitive control interfaces, we have increased the operators’ safety and provided greater accident prevention.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By optimizing workflow and improving the efficiency of operational processes, we have increased productivity, reduced waste, and shortened cycle times.

Reduction of Human Errors: By providing clearer and more precise information to operators, we have improved the quality of the final product and reduced rework.

Monitoring and Control Optimization: With advanced monitoring and real-time control features, we quickly identify problems, allowing operators to follow system performance and take corrective actions swiftly.

Maintenance Costs Reduction: Through diagnostic features and remote monitoring, which facilitate fault detection and preventive maintenance, we have decreased downtime, reduced repair costs, and provided more efficient maintenance.

Regulatory Requirements: We ensure that companies comply with the latest standards and regulations, avoiding fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance.

TIS Results related to Operators

Greater efficiency and productivity: We provide advanced features such as intuitive interfaces, simplified navigation, and quick access to relevant information, allowing operators to perform their tasks with greater efficiency and productivity, optimizing time and minimizing errors.

Usability: We focus on usability, making the interaction with the system more intuitive and user-friendly, which reduces the learning curve and increases the operators’ adaptation to new processes and equipment.

Perception and decision-making improvement: We provide clear and concise information, allowing operators to better understand the system’s state and easily identify problems or anomalies. This enables more assertive decision-making.

Quick access to relevant data and information: We ensure quick and easy access to real-time data, such as performance metrics, alarms, trends, and process history. We enable operators to efficiently monitor the system and take appropriate actions based on clear information.

Enhanced Safety: We include enhanced features such as the display of priority alarms, visual and auditory alerts, and simplified emergency stop procedures. This helps operators handle critical situations more effectively and maintain a safer work environment.

Fatigue and stress reduction: By enabling tasks to be performed more efficiently and with less effort, we help reduce the fatigue and stress associated with operating complex equipment.

Our Development’s Focal Point

Our challenge is to tackle high unemployment rates and the shortage of qualified specialists in the industry. We have identified a discrepancy between the reality of industrial operators and the current conception of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

HMIs require considerable training to achieve satisfactory adaptation and performance. Through technology and communication, we propose to empower operators and maintenance workers, regardless of their experience, to perform daily and complex tasks more effectively and productively. With this approach, we seek to enhance industrial operations (reduce errors, minimize unplanned downtime, cut maintenance costs, and increase the number of skilled professionals).

Benefits to Industry 5.0

Our proposal incorporates an innovative communication approach, aiming to ensure that operators understand the interfaces and are continuously and effectively empowered through self-learning mechanisms.

Based on the collection and analysis of productive system data, this strategy creates an environment in which TAI provides information and guidance for decision-making, progressively refining its capabilities based on the operators’ best practices.

The technological essence of our proposal resides in the intelligent application of AI, machine learning, data analysis, and enhanced communication, resulting in a more efficient and interactive operational ecosystem.

Synth Humanix

High-Performance Human-Machine Interface


  • Cost reduction
  • Enhancement of operator training
  • Investment reduction
  • Knowledge retention and transformation into a competitive advantage
  • Labor force availability increment
  • Mitigating technological obsolescence
  • Operational efficiency increment
  • Safety strengthening
  • Training time reduction

SynthHumanix – HMI

SynthHumanix – SCADA

Introducing TAI

Techinin Artificial Intelligence

Techinin Artificial Intelligence (TAI) aims to retain knowledge and improve operational efficiency.

TAI revolutionizes operations in the industry by providing greater accuracy, safety, and productivity. It is the key to a smarter and more competitive industrial future.

It can come natively in new equipment or be implemented in parallel in existing equipment.

It documents, analyzes, and retains Shared Knowledge, Best Practices, and Machine Learning. With it, it is possible to analyze processes and atypical behaviors, categorize failures, provide precise instructions, reduce unplanned interruptions, and empower operators on a daily basis. This leads to cost reduction, increased safety, and improved overall performance of industrial operations.

Meet the TAI modules

All modules are perfectly integrable. They ensure a complete and harmonious solution for all the needs of your industry.

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